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I started The Alcoholic Rat’s website in 2002 initially to share my gig and scooter rally photos, band memorabilia and a small gig guide. I chose its’ name as I was part of the all-girl scooter club from the 1980s called the Alcoholic Rats. Over the years I’ve tried to drop the name but it seems to have stuck!


As the internet progressed, I set up a separate listings site for the UK Psychobilly Gig Guide to enable bands and promoters to advertise their events, and for punters to find out what’s on in one place. Just to clarify, I am not a promoter and have nothing to do with any of the gigs listed.

I then started the official band pages for Guana Batz, Epileptic Hillbillys, Hancox and King Kurt, and a Klub Foot Fan Page.

In 2016 I set up this WordPress blog because it enables you, the followers, to sign up to receive monthly emails direct to your inbox, ensuring you don’t miss out on any gig news.  No spam, just an email once a month with the year’s gig listings followed by one for each of the bands.

I am happy to advertise all gigs just messenger me  the written information in the following format, eg 1 May 2018 – Band Name at Venue Name and Town
This will ensure that the information is correct and, as I run this all free of charge, I’m sure you will appreciate how many hours I spend doing this that I don’t have time to take info from events or flyers.


My Profile with flyers
Facebook Page with weekly updates and recommendations

guana-batz-alcoholic-rats-uk-psychobilly200 Guana Batz News & Gig Dates HERE


hancox-alcoholic-rats-uk-psychobilly-usa-guana-batz200Hancox HERE

king-kurt-logo-200King Kurt News & Gig Dates Here

stomping-at-the-klub-foot-alcoholic-rats-uk-psychobillylong200Klub Foot Photo Archives Here


April 2018 -I am currently in the process of giving it all a bit of a revamp with lots of new content coming soon including updated links to promoters, bands, DJs, radio shows, shops etc.


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The Gig Guide has and always will be FREE for everyone to advertise  gigs, bands and assoc businesses.