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Want to know more about Alcoholic Rats UK Psychobilly Gig Guide? Here you will find info on how out how it all began, news about the Alcoholic Rats all-girl scooter club from the 1980s, and how to navigate the website.

About the Alcoholic Rat’s Psychobilly Gig Guide – how it all began

I started the Alcoholic Rat’s website way back in 2002  to share my gig and scooter rally photos, band memorabilia and a small gig guide. I chose its name as I was part of the all-girl scooter club from the 1980s called the Alcoholic Rats. Over the years I’ve tried to drop the name but it seems to have stuck!

(You can read more about the Alcoholic Rats Scooter Club at the end of this post.)

Alcoholic Rat’s UK Psychobilly Gig Guide has moved about a bit as the internet has progressed. It originally started off as alcoholic-rats.com. It then moved from Myspace to Facebook, and from Proboards to WordPress, but the content and ethos remain the same – to provide one central place for promoters and bands to advertise their gigs and festivals, and for gig-goers to find out what’s on.

It is my aim to build a psychobilly database and photo archive so it doesn’t all get lost when the internet evolves again.

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© Martin Welsh/Jo Jackson


Once the psychobilly gigging scene really started to get going again in the mid 2000s, I started a separate listings site for the UK Psychobilly Gig Guide. 

Social media started to become part of our everyday lives and I then set up the official band pages on Myspace, then Facebook, for Guana Batz, King Kurt, Epileptic Hillbillys and Hancox which I run on the bands’ behalves. They all now have a page here too with all gig listings, booking into and FAQs.


I also ran Myspace and Facebook pages as a tribute to Stomping at the Klub Foot from 2008 – 2019 which gained a large collection of people’s memories and photos.

However, I moved them all over to the UK Psychobilly Gig Guide Facebook page in 2019 to keep everything in one place.

After all, there are now flyers from 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s on there! Who’d have thought psychobilly would last so long!

collage of book and magazine covers from alternative music scenes
Some of the CDs, books and magazines that I’ve been published in


Over the years I have written many articles and have conducted interviews for books and magazines, and I have started adding some of those to this site too. The response to them has been great, especially the Klub Foot one. It seems everyone loves a bit of 1980’s nostalgia.

So there you have it, UK psychobilly gig listings, photo archives and interviews and articles. There is lots more to come so make sure you sign up for email notifications and join me on social media.


I’m often asked about my old scooter club The Alcoholic Rats, so I’ve written more about them HERE.


pencil cartoon drawing of a rat on a scooter holding a bottle of vodka with the text Alcoholic Rats SC Scooter Club
© Alan Power/Jo Jackson


How to navigate Alcoholic Rats

On this site you can view:

The UK Psychobilly Gig Guide
Band pages for King Kurt, Guana Batz & Epileptic Hilbillys
Alternative music interviews and articles

You will find the main menu with home button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the gig guide and band pages.

You can also use the menu on the right of your screen on a desktop, or by scrolling down to the bottom of your screen if you are viewing on a mobile device, to:

* use the search tab,
* view the latest posts
* use sign up options for email and social media

You can also see a list of all the interviews and articles HERE.



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