Interview with Mark Penington of The Caravans

Interview with rockabilly and psychobilly musician Mark Penington about the early Klub Foot days, his longstanding career with The Caravans and why the band are quitting performing live.

Interview with Jonny Bowler of Get Smart & Guana Batz

Interview with rockabilly, psychobilly drummer and upright bass player Jonny Bowler. Read about Jonny's early influences, his bands Get Smart & Guana Batz and what he's up to now.

Guana Batz new album Back to the Jungle

After the EP release of Burning Up in 2017, Guana Batz headed back into the studio to record the rest of the new album Back to the Jungle. The album took some time to complete as two members of Guana Batz lived in the USA and two in the UK. Recording and mixing took place … Continue reading Guana Batz new album Back to the Jungle