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(UPDATED 8.12.18)

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Friday 14 DEC – The Hangmen  Railway Tavern Darlington DL1 1UN
Saturday 15 DEC – The Hangmen at 21d Yarm Ln, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 3DR
15th Dec – Henry & The Bleeders & Sin Kings at Bedford Esquires
15th December – DVS & Thee Creekfreaks London
16th December – DVS & Thee Creekfreaks at The Albert Brighton

22nd Dec  – Jim Hammond  at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

25 January 2019 – Restless original, El Camino, Henry & The Bleeders at Voodoo Lounge Stamford
26th Jan Louis Jordon Brown The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

1 Feb – The Klub at Water Rats London
2 February 2019 – Psychobilly Kicks Back, London
9 February 2019 – Ricochets, Kings of Hong Kong, Howlin Bones & Raptors at Black Market Venue Warsop
15/16 February 2019 –  King Kurt, LTT, Frenzy, Surfin Wombats, Gruffs & more at
Yorkshire Valentine’s Psychobilly Weekender, Brudenell Social Club LEEDS
23rd Feb  – The Corsairs at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville
23 Feb – LTT & More at Brighton Tattoo Convention

8 March – Black Kat Boppers & Big Sandy at The Brook Southampton
15-17 March 2019 – Bedlam Breakout Northampton
30th March Triple Aces at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

6th April – Tench Fest with Knocksville, Zipheads, The Barracks, Millie Manders at The Green Door Store Brighton – CHARITY GIG
13th April – The Klub at Water Rats London
27th April Oakville Pete and The Sleepy Hollow Boys at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

11th May – The Klub at Water Rats London
18th May 56 Killers The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville
18th May 2019 – Crazy Cavan, The Pharaohs and more at Cathays SS Club Cardiff
24th May 2019 – King Kurt at Bedford Esquires
24/25 May 2019 –  Cruisers Rockabilly Crew Summer Rumble at Southam RC Warks
24-26 May 2019 – Greasers Society Crew P up in Beadale N Yorks

May 31-June 2nd – Rockin Round-up 3 Western Super Mare

7 June – The Klub at Water Rats London
8 June 2019 – Neo Rockabilly all-dayers Polecats, Restless, Caravans & more at The Irish Centre Birmingham SOLD OUT!
22 June – King Kurt, Scarecrows aka, Cathays SS Club Cardiff
22nd June Frenzy at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville
22 June – Long Tall Texans and Howlin Bones at Animal Antics Scooter Rally Doncaster

2-9 July – Pineda Psychobilly Meeting Spain
6 July – Restless, Skabilly Rebels & Retrobaits at the Boat Inn, Rugby
6 July  – Delta Bombers at South Cider Festival Bridport
7 July  – Delta Bombers at Westgarth Social Middlesbrough
10 July  – Delta Bombers at Admiral Bar Glasgow
12 July  – Delta Bombers at The Station Cannock
13 July  – Delta Bombers at Wilbraham Club Preston
13 July – The Klub at Water Rats London
19 July  – Delta Bombers at Nambucca, London
20 July  – Delta Bombers at Rifle Club, Portsmouth, 

27th July The Crawlin Kingsnakes at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

2-4 Aug – Rebellion Punk Festival (King Kurt playing)
10 Aug – The Klub at Water Rats London
17 Aug – Epileptic Hillbillys, Sin Kings & more at The Exchange Bristol
31st Aug The Outsiders at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville
31st Aug – Rockabilly Rebellion Festival

28th Sept Voodoo Vamps at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

12th Oct – The Klub at Water Rats London
26th Oct  – Knocksville at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville
26th October – Long Tall Texans at The Castle & Falcon Birmingham

9 Nov – The Klub at Water Rats London
15-17 November 2019 – Pompey Rumble 10 yr anniversary 3 day weekender Portsmouth – see FB page for full line-up
22 Nov – King Kurt in Hanley Stoke
30th Nov 2019 – The Marvels at The Falcon, Hambledon Road, Waterlooville

14 Dec – The Klub at Water Rats London

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Guana Batz Gig Dates & News

(Updated 19.11.18)

Guana Batz continue to play festivals and gigs all over the world using the permanent line-up for UK and Europe and the Hancox line-up for shows in the US.

Pip – Vocals
Stuart – Guitar
Jonny – Drums
Choppy – Bass

Pip – Vocals
Jonny – Bass
Josh – Guitar
Jared – Drums


Friday 15th February 2019 – Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion


Back to the Jungle NEW full length album

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The new album “Back to the Jungle” is available at I Sold My Soul Media CD and Vinyl LP available as well as some copies of 7″ vinyl EP “Burning Up”.
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Photo by Billy Tombstone Pineda Psychobilly Meeting

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Epileptic Hillbillys Gig Dates & News


Sat 1 December – Psycho Santa Altoria Leamington Spa
Facebook Event Link

17 Aug – Doghouse 10th Birthday Party at The Exchange Bristol
Facebook Event Link


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OUR PHOTOS – There are lots of photos of live shows, releases, t-shirts, flyers, etc in our Facebook Archives HERE

YOUR PHOTOS – You are welcome to share your own photos of Epileptic Hillbillys by adding your link to the timeline or tagging Epileptic Hillbillys. You can view other’s photos by looking at “Visitor Posts” or “Community”



The first incarnation of Thee Epileptic Hillbillys was created back in the 80s by founder members Billy Oxley and Paul Oxley. The band soon emerged to make their mark with a name that more people were familiar with – The Radiacs. That band was a core part of the Sheffield scene regularly playing the North’s equivalent of The Klub Foot – The Take Two.

The scene ebbed and flowed and Billy went on to play with many bands notably the Blue Devils, The Tritons and later his first band of the millennium Thee Chills. Meanwhile Paul is most well known for his part in The Krewmen alongside many other projects and session work.

After Billy wound up Thee Chills, he and Paul decided to get Thee Epileptic Hillbillys going again, drafting in Paul’s son Steve on drums. Steve had been playing in his own band Cosmic Razor and as he’d been bought up on a diet of psychobilly from a baby, he was the perfect addition. In 2010 they played their first gig at The Dove and Rainbow as part of Mosh & Go’s Psychobilly Sunday as support to Graveyard Johnnys.

They quickly became firm favourites in the UK and abroad with their cheeky mix of humour infused psychobilly, rockabilly and inbred hillbilly, bringing singalong anthems to the masses.

Sadly in 2012 Billy suffered major health problems which led to a short hiatus for the band, but they soon bounced back, this time with Steve taking over the role as bass player from his dad and Adam Steenson joining the band on drums. (Adam had previously played with Steve and The Raise, who were incidentally on the bill of that very first Epiletpic Hillbillys’ gig in 2010.)

Gigs came flooding in again and Epileptic Hillbillys were a worthy support for some of the scenes top bands such as The Sharks, King Kurt, Demented are Go & The Meteors; and also as a crowd-pulling headliner in their own rights playing many festivals home and abroad – Bedlam Breakout, Inkfest, Pineda Psychobilly Meeting to name a few.

During this time Epileptic Hillbillys have put out three cd albums – Tales from The Underworld, Insanity and Take 2 – and a limited edition vinyl 10” Atomic It’s The Bomb. All recorded with Alan Wilson and released on Western Star Records. A 12” vinyl version of Tales From The Underworld was also brought out by Crazy Love Records.

In 2017 Adam decided to hang up his sticks and new boy Paul Mummery got stuck straight in. (Paul has a background in psychobilly, punk and metal having played with Sin Kings, Boston Rats, Norm & The Nightmares, and The Gonads.) Their first gig at Kingston’s Fighting Cocks in July 2017 was a sell out and the band continue to be in high demand.

Stomping at the Klub Foot Fan Page

Whether you were there or not, there can’t be a psychobilly in the land that hasn’t heard of the legendary Klub Foot.  Veterans recall it with fond memories, and the new breed can only hope to gain some sort of feeling for the atmosphere by reading old posts on internet forums.

It has been hailed as the Mecca for all things psychobilly, and would entice 100s of pilgrims to venture into West London of a Saturday night.  A sea of coloured quiffs and bleached jeans would form a queue around Hammersmith Broadway, waiting for the doors to open at 7.30pm.

The building itself was called The Clarendon, a disused hotel or ballroom I believe.  Truth be told it was a dive but what more could a drunken youth culture want?  It had a large bar and a good sized hall with stage – sorted! The Klub Foot was held upstairs in what was rumoured to be a 600-800 capacity venue, although reports suggest many more attended.  On the ground level there was a bar, and downstairs was a small venue called Broadway that also hosted many a gig, including lots of Garage Trash and Mod bands.

The Klub Foot was the brainchild of promoter John Curd which started in 1982 featuring a line-up of punk bands.  By the mid 80s it was predominantly psychobilly but often had line-ups which crossed over the scenes and incorporated goth, rockabilly and garage trash.  It hailed headliners such as Guana Batz, The Meteors, Frenzy, Restless and Demented are Go, supported by many bands which are still the staple diet of psychobilly today – The Coffin Nails, Long Tall Texans, The Caravans and Frantic Flintstones to name a few.

It provided a central place for gigs to be held on a regular basis, a chance to meet with fellow psychos from all over the UK and a few from Europe too.  You could have a laugh, see some great bands, drink yourself silly, then burn off a few pounds by wrecking in one of the largest, sweatiest pits you have ever, or will ever be likely to see again. Oh and if you had any money left you could always stock up on a new band t-shirt on the way out.

Unfortunately The Klub Foot had to end in 1988 as the venue was being knocked down for the redevelopment of Hammersmith.  It put a real dampener on the scene for a good few years.  Although there were still gigs happening up and down the country, and by now it had really taken off in Europe too, The Klub Foot was the main stay in British psychobilly.

There have been many threads on internet forums in the past which all end up lost in internet archives.  In 2008 I set up a page on Myspace as a place for people to share their memories and photos – to develop a site that paid homage to the legendary Klub Foot to be enjoyed by old and young psychobillies the world over. As the internet progressed and everyone abandoned Myspace in favour of Facebook, I moved as much of it as I could over to the new page. There’s lots of photos of bands and punters so check them out.  I do not own rights to any of the photos and where possible have tried to credit them back to their original sender. The page has nothing to do with the original promoter.

Check out the other blog posts for the dated Klub Foot Gig List and people’s memories and comments

Stomping At The Klub Foot Gig List

Thanks to the input of Russ Surfer and all the people who sent in gig flyers from the Klub Foot we were able to compile a dated list of all the gigs at the Klub Foot. We think we managed to get them all but if anything’s missing please let me know


5 Aug – GBH, The Insane, Soldiers of Destruction

12 Aug – UK Subs, Actifed, Chaos

26 Aug – The Addicts, Defects, Brutal Attack, Soldiers of Destruction

23 Sept – Chelsea, The Addicts, Satelites

8 Nov – UK Subs, The Vibrators, Soldiers of Destruction



Sat 22 September Guana Batz, The Stingrays, The Milkshakes, Restless

Sat Dec 8 The Meteors, Sunglasses after Dark, The Trifids, Badlands


Sat 6 Apr – Restless, The Sting-Rays, Frenzy, Demented are Go

Sat 20 Apr – Guana Batz, The Prisoners, X Men, The Creepshow

Sat 6 Jul – The Sting-Rays, The Prisoners, DAG, The Pharoahs

Sat 3 Aug – Guana Batz, Frenzy, Surfadelics, Turnpike Cruisers

Sat 10 Aug – The Meteors, The Outer Limits, Long Tall Texans, Temple Slang

Sat 24 Aug – Tall Boys, Frenzy, The Rapids, The Sting-Rites, The Pharoahs, Primevils, DAG

Sat 7 Sept – Boothill Foot Tappers, Bluberry Hell Bellies, The Rapids, The Outer Limits

Sat 12 Oct – Restless, Colbert Hamilton and the Hellrazors, The Pharoahs, The Outer Limits

Sat 26 Oct – Guana Batz, DAG, Rochee and the Sarnos

Sat 9 Nov – The Sting-Rays, DAG, The Rapiers, The Pharoahs

Sat 16 Nov – Frenzy, DAG, Rochee and the Sarnos, Louie Stars, Nearer the Far

Sat 7 Dec – Hank Wangford Band, Terry & Gerry, Redbeards from Texas

Sat 14 Dec – Restless, DAG, The Lone Stars

Sat 21 Dec – Guana Batz, Rochee and the Sarnos, The Outer Limits, The Skiff Skatts



Sat 18 Jan – Ray Campi and the Rockabilly Rebels,  DAG, The Deltas, Wigsville Spliffs

Fri 7 Mar – Guana Batz, DAG, The Golden Horde, The Pharoahs

Sat 29 Mar – The Meteros, DAG, X Men, The Coffin Nails

Sat 12 Mar – Restless, The Deltas, Wigsville Spliffs, The Caravans

Sat 10 May – Frenzy, DAG, BAtmobile, Torment

Sat 21 Jun – Guana Batz, Batmobile, Wigsville Spliffs, Coffin Nails

Sat 12 Jul – Ray Campi, DAG, The Caravans, Coffin Nails

Sat 19 Jul – The Meteors, Levi Dexter and the Daggers, Torment, The Krewmen

Sat 2 Aug – The Sting-Rays, The Deltas, Surfadelics, The Highliners

Sat 16 Aug – Frenzy, DAG, Wigsville Spliffs, Red Hot n Blue

Sat 23 Aug – Restless, The Rapiers, The Highliners , ?

Sat 30 Aug – Batmobile (live recording), Rochee and the Sarnos, Coffin Nails, The Caravans, Torment, Wigsville Spliffs

Sat 6 Sept – Guana Batz (Still Sweatin video recording) , Bluberry Hell Bellies, The Pharoahs, The Valients

Sat 20 Sept – Buddy Curtis and the Grasshoppers, The Rapiers, Howling Wilf and The Vee Jays

Sat 27 Sept – The Meteors, Rochee and the Sarnos, The Highliners, Get Smart

Sat 4 Oct – DAG, The Deltas, Torment, Coffin Nails, The Krewmen

Sat 11 Oct – Dr Feelgood, Howling Wilf and the Vee-Jays, Finger Tips

Sat 18 Oct – Frenzy, Rochee and the Sarnos, Wigsville Spliffs, Get Smart

Sat 15 Nov – Batmobile, Torment, The Caravans, Frantic Flintstones

Sat 6 Dec – Restless, Rochee and the Sarnos, Coffin Nails, Cat Burglars

Sat  Dec 13 The Meteors, Torment, Wigsville Spliffs, Skitzo

Sat 27 Dec – Guana Batz, The Highliners, The Turnpike Cruisers, Har Har Hermann



Sat 17 Jan – DAG, The Deltas, The Pharoahs, Skitzo

Sat 24 Jan – The Jets, Rochee and the Sarnos, Torment, The Coffin Nails, Fractured

Sat 14 Feb – Frenzy

Sat 7 Mar – Restless

Fri 13 Mar – Guana Batz, DAG, Coffin Nails (Live over London Recording)

Sat 14 Mar – Guana Batz, Restless, Skitzo (Live over London Recording)

Sat 28  Mar – The Highliners

Sat 4 Apr – The Meteors, Long Tall Texans, Frantic Flintstones, Emptifish

Sat 9 May – DAG, Torment, Long Tall Texans, Frantic Flintstones

Sat 23 May – Frenzy, Rochee and the Sarnos, Coffin Nails, Fractured

Sat 20 Jun – Restless

Sat 4 Jul – The Highliners, Torment, The Caravans, Sgt Bilkos Krazy Combo

Sat 11 Jul – The Meteors, Long Tall Texans

Sat 25 Jul – Batmobile, Torment, Coffin Nails, Fractured, The Nitros

Sat 5 Sept – The Meteors, Torment, Frantic Flintstones, ?

Fri 11 Sept – Guana Batz, Long Tall Texans, Fractured, Shark Bait

Sat 12 Sept – Guana Batz, Long Tall Texans, Fractured, Shark Bait

Sat 24 Oct – DAG, Bluberry Hell Bellies, Coffin Nails, Vulture Squadron

Date unreadable – The Highliners, Long Tall Texans, Get Smart, Sgt Bilkos Krazy Combo

Sat 19 Dec – The Meteors, Turnpike Cruisers, Vulture Squadron, Shakin Bones



Sat 2 Jan – Torment, Long Tall Texans, The Pharoahs, Coffin Nails

Sat 16 Jan – The Highliners, Long Tall Texans, Fractured, Get Smart, Sgt Bilkos Krazy Combo

Sat 13 Mar – DAG, Coffin Nails

Sat 4 Jun – DAG, Coffin Nails, Frantic Flintstones, The Quakes


There were 8 gigs in succession daily to mark the closing of The Klub Foot in the Summer of 1988, headlined by

The Cardiacs

Death Angel

The Meteors

Guana Batz (support by DAG, Torment)

The Highliners

Ghost Dance

The Lime Spiders

The Stupids


Downstairs at Clarendon

STINGRAYS / THE VIBES         10/02/84
GUANA BATZ / THE VIBES        24/02/84
TALL BOYS / CIRCLE OF SIN     02/03/84
RESTLESS / THE FRANTIX        03/03/84
GUANA BATZ / RESTLESS         30/03/84
STINGRAYS / RIB JOINTS        11/05/84
THE X-MEN / CAT TALK          25/05/84
RESTLESS / THE RAPIDS         19/08/84
GUANA BATZ / CREEPSHOW        22/09/84 ?
THE DELTAS / FIREBALL XL5     02/12/84
RESTLESS / THE RAPIDS         ? /12/84
GUANA BATZ / ?                31/12/84
THE RAPIDS / ROUGHCUTS        10/02/85
THE VIBES / CREEPSHOW         22/02/85
THE STINGRAYS / THE HUNS      08/03/85
THE X-MEN / THE MOONSTERS     15/03/85
THE VIBES / SURFIN LUNGS      26/04/85
THE X-MEN / FIXED UP          14/06/85
FRENZY / ?                    13/07/85
THE RAPIDS / FUNGUS           17/08/85

Klub Foot Memories and Comments

Below I have listed some of the old comments left on the Stomping at the Klub Foot FACEBOOK  page and now defunct Myspace page dating back to 2008. Feel free to add your own memories or comments and I will update in time.


SIMON: My very first band, Shark Bait played the Klubfoot around six times including one live recording (volume 5) and the ‘Goodbye Klubfoot’ series of concerts (if I remember correctly we invited the Klingonz along to one of these without asking the promotors, who hit the roof, but let the guys play).. we were all under 18 years old and we used to make the overnight trek to the venue on the Dublin-Holyhead ferry, then onto the London train, changing a few times and arriving at the venue around lunchtime 🙂  Shark Bait disbanded when lead singer Dave Finnegan landed a starring role in Sir Alan Parker’s motion picture ‘The Commitments’ (he played the psychopathic roadie, naturally enough)


GARY DAY: Great idea for a page, brilliant!!! I spent many nights there as a punter, Iv’e still got loads of my ticket stubs.
all the best,


MIKE SPLIFFS: hey nice one jo.its mike from wigsville spliff i still got loads of the adverts from music press advertising klub foot gigs and photos etc. we prob played it 20 times and got loads of stories


GRAHAM DAY: I know the Prisoners played there several times but I’ve got no idea about the dates, sorry. It would’ve been between ’83 and ’85 I guess.
We used to play downstairs before we got a bit too popular and had to move upstairs,although I must admit I preferred the gigs downstairs.

Good luck collecting the memories, unfortunately mine’s a bit shot away.


BEN COOPER: Hi,  Thanx a million for the add.  What a great idea this page is. I will try and remember some Restless stories to put on the blog.  Rockin regards  Ben


STEVE WHITEHOUSE: We would love to be actively involved in this page as the Klubfoot holds many memories for me . I have loads of cool piccies of the great nights we spent up there…it was a special place ! When I get my shit together ( we are up to our eyes in it at the mo with last minute stuff for the American tour )I will make sure you get some stuff sent to you .

Congrats on a good idea !!

Best Frenzy Wishes   Steve Whitehouse


VERGE WALTON: Ohh I remember the old days – just about! I was at pretty much all the Klub Foot gigs. That’s me on the back cover of the first live Stompin’ album wearing the home made Guana Batz t-shirt with cut off sleeves and looking young and skinny.
I remember an early gig when the stage was at the opposite end to where it ended up. The Guana Batz played and announced it was going to be their last gig, I think Mick White was on electric bass then. They kept playing for ages as it was their ‘last gig’ and were superb.
I’m looking forward to seeing them again this Summer!  Good work, keep up the nostalgia,  Verge Walton




PHIL: hi Jo, great idea for the site
you are right we have aged well!!…a few of us were just old enough to go, although remember being told quite firmly by security not to go near the bar….or we were out!
anyway have a few flyers,tickets etc which I shall try and sort out for you, although me and technology don’t get on so stick with me on this one.
used to go up with a fair few from aylesbury/buckingham where I grew up, every now and again would get a mini bus/coach depending who was playing
sad to see it go although the boston arms was a good venue, cool to see things have really picked up with lots of gigs and great new bands as well as firm favourites who helped build the scene see ya soon
phil (goodwreckintonight)


I’ve just sent you some flyers and pics. Escalators played the upstairs too, several times. And King Kurt were 3rd on the bill to Erazerhead and the Escalators – this was definitely a Klub Foot gig.



THE GRISWALDS: We played there downstairs supporting The Frantic Flinstones.  Thanks for the add, for your info, I (Gary Griswald) am in the picture that you are using in the avatar. Underneath the “L” in the sign and above the guy with the “Y” on his jacket in the front row


PIP, GUANA BATZ:  thanks for the add


MOJOCAT: The first I went to the klub foot was to see Restless ( one of my all time best rockin bands ) I got really drunk on cider. What great night. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time, thank you.


JOHN: thats cool Jo,  thank you for the effort,   you do for you thats great cheers john


ANDY: gonna be a great memorium to Klubfoot days Jo keep up the good work cosmic x


CARRIE: cheers for the add!  me and the old man have 1,000s of photos between us and a new scanner!!  i was only a child at the time,of course…snigger..


THE OPTIC NERVES: I used to spend a lot of time there.Played a few times as well.I’ve still got some adverts for gigs somewhere & a final curtain t-shirt.I’ll dig ’em out & send you some photos.


NICK: Thanks Jo, i’m looking forward in seeing this site GROW!


WELSHJOHN: Yeah,use my pics if you want Jo,some people say it wasn’t that good….IT WAS THOUGH


GEOFF: I went there a few times,no photos but i’m sure i’ve got some memories somewhere


PETE: looking forward to the pics/stories


OPREZ: Great stuff pet. The Guana Batz were the first ever psychobilly band I heard but it was the cover of the first Stomping At The Klub Foot LP that introduced me to what psychobillies actually looked like!


BRIAN: Memories!! I can hardly remember last weekend! haha!
KEV: Thanx for the add, aint it great being part of history!!


STEVE: cool site Jo. i am sure alison has a few more pics. i will get her to send them to you.


MISTERRAT: cheers for adding me :o) none of my pics survived the years so its gonna be great to see what other people come up with!!!


DOUG: Great idea Jo. Not sure if my mind goes back that far!!


HENRY: Hey Jo cool site 🙂 Henry x


FLIX: Thee Legendary klub Foot,wish i was born around that tyme to go to it


WENDY: Hi Klub Footers! I certainly was a punter and I still find it hard to believe that its 21 years next month that it shut down.  I still have the sign from the gents toilet door – don’t ask me why I chose that but i wanted a momento on the last night and thats where i was! Hmmmm, don’t ask me why there either lol!  Many happy memories, if not hazy through alcohol and the time and the passage of many years since. Will see if I can upload some pics cos I have loads 🙂
Wendy x


MATT: Great idea Jo, wish I could remember more about shows here then I can!! LOl!! I’ve not got any photos but i’ve got plenty of old tickets, flyers etc which I’ll get scanned and let you have
See you Sunday?
Matt x


MICK: cheers for the add, and yes I am an old fart lol !

RICKY: thnk you so much  I really love the old pics…  cheers RD


KING LEPA: Wow Klub foot. i heard stories 4m some guy in Pedro. So how are u? Sux that they turn it into a parking lot or into a office. Love the old pix. Cheerz!


TWINNY: it would of been great to be there at the time, but i’d now be an old fart like you lot lol cheers for the add


TORPEDO: Thanks for making this Site…. I wish I would’ve been there – but never had the chance to 😦


MARK: Thanks Jo,  brilliant idea so good luck with it.  Very best wishes,  Mark


ZOE: looks great Jo!… xxx


LUKE: Great times, great people, great drinkin’ sessions, great bands. Recieved many bruises during my time spent @ the Klub Foot. I fu*kin loved it!


MARK: Thanx for the add Jo, and good luck with the site. I’ll send what I’ve got.  Mark


JONNY: thanx jo,the closest i got to klubfoot was jumping around in my room as a weee l’il kid pretending i was there.oh the shame…lol…


SPAMABILLY: Hi Jo nice nice page ;), hope the people will send to you more pic so to see more pic in future.. great stuff, greetings from italy and best regard 😉


GENERATTION MONGOLOID: thanks to you for the great page!!




PSYCHOJAG: veritable pleasure for a french oldschool psychobilly’s


MANOUCHE: thank you, your page is really good


HEIDI: You are the psycho archive! Not to mention you find all of the really good pics of Pip!!!


CHARLIE: Thanks for going to all the effort of setting this up. Now all us nostalgic old men know where to come for our fix.


PSYCHOPHILE: looking forward to seein more top photo’s added from back in the day
cheeers n beers mate >;)


MICKSIDGE: Cheers for the add , spent all my youth at that place , i think i helped pay the ground rent for the Clarenden in 1984 !!!!!, good times . Will send all the info i have .


DENIS: Hi, The Klub Foot – only good memories for us! Stomping n°2, Guana Batz, Batmobile, Sting-Rays, Purple Things… We’ll scan some pictures and will send them asap.


BAD MOJO: Cheers,i wish i coulda made it down more often,but when i did it was psychobilly heaven.


STU: your’e welcome,makes me feel like an old fart but fuck it eh lol! maybe i am? see ya tommorow,gonna be a goodun!(K)666 ftw ps , welsh john,no more dodgy pics of me thanks!lol ftw


DANNY: Thanks for accepting! We should build a new Klubfoot for all the poor young suckers who wasn’t there in the good ole days 😉 greets from germany, danny


CONNY: hell yeeaaaah ””  the she cats = crazy times  it was fun !! good old days !!!  great page
love x she cat conny Belguim


FRANK: Good Work




MONI: Hey Jo, this is so great!!!!!Thanx again.


BEDLAM: Thanks for the add… I’m actually on the cover of the DvD and Album somewhere…I think I am on the right hand side… And I remember getting kicked in the head during The Coffin Nails Set….. Ah!!! MEMORIES


HOWLING: thanks so lot!  what a great page..