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The Alcoholic Rat’s website began way back in 2002, initially to share my gig and scooter rally photos, band memorabilia and a small gig guide. I chose its name as I was part of the all-girl scooter club from the 1980s called the Alcoholic Rats. Over the years I’ve tried to drop the name but it seems to have stuck!



As the internet progressed, I started a separate listings site for the UK Psychobilly Gig Guide to enable bands and promoters to advertise their events, and for punters to find out what’s on in one place. Just to clarify, I am not a promoter and have nothing to do with any of the gigs listed. I just do it for the love of the scene.


I then set up the official band pages for Guana Batz, Epileptic Hillbillys, Hancox and King Kurt, which I run on the bands’ behalves.


In 2015, I began to write another lifestyle blog called Tea & Cake for the Soul which covers travel, books, recipes, health, eco issues and more. I have a large section on there with musical interviews and features from some of our music scenes favourite characters. You can follow that page on WordPress, social media, or sign up to get email notifications.


All pages can be accessed by clicking the text links below the pictures or by the menu at the top of the screen.

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UK Psychobilly Gig Guide Listings
UK Psychobilly Gig Guide Facebook Page
UK Psychobilly Gig Guide Photo Albums & Flyers
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grey vintage microphone with text in blue MUSICAL FEATURES & INTERVIEWS Tea & Cake for the Soul

Musical Features & Interviews at Tea & Cake for the Soul



Guana Batz Gig Dates & News
Guana Batz Facebook



Epileptic Hillbillys Gig Dates & News
Epileptic Hillbillys Facebook Page


King Kurt Gig Dates & News
King Kurt on Facebook



Hancox on Facebook



Up until 2019, I ran a separate Facebook page for the Klub Foot memories and photos.  However, I decided to move them all over to the UK Psychobilly Gig Guide Facebook page recently to keep everything in one place. After all, there are now flyers from 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s on there! Who’d have thought psychobilly would last so long!

Klub Foot – 1980s Psychobilly feature
Stomping at the Klub Foot Bands
Stomping at the Klub Foot People
Stomping at the Klub Foot Flyers & Tickets


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Below are a few ways to make sure that you see posts from UK Psychobilly Gig Guide, the band pages that I run and any other band pages that you are interested in :

1. Bookmark this website
I generally update the Gig Guide once a week and the band pages as and when new gig dates or news comes in so keep checking back.

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Facebook algorithms mean that only a very small proportion of followers get to see posts unless they interact with them. So, the more you like or comment, the more you are likely to see my posts in your newsfeed.  And the more you comment, the more other people will see them too, which helps me spread the word.

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3. Submit gig info
If you are a promoter or in a band you can send in your listings and flyers. Check that it’s not already on there, then send me the details below. This website is still used daily by people looking for gig info so it’s a great free place to advertise your shows.



I am happy to advertise all gigs, just messenge me the written information in the following format:

eg Sun 1 Sept 2019 – Band Name at Venue Name and Town

This will ensure that the information is correct and, as I run this all free of charge, I’m sure you will appreciate how many hours I spend doing this and that I don’t have time to take info from events or flyers.

You can also send flyers for sharing on social media via Facebook Messenger HERE.

All shares of the Facebook page, interviews and gig guide are welcome, to help out those involved in keeping psychobilly music live and alive!


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