How to get the most from UK Psychobilly Gig Guide and Band Pages

Below are a few ways to make sure that you see posts from UK Psychobilly Gig Guide, the band pages that I run and any other band pages that you are interested in :

1. Bookmark this blog.
I generally update the Gig Guide once a week and the band pages as and when new gig dates or news comes in so keep checking back.

2. Like and Follow on Facebook
All my blogs post automatically to my Facebook profile HERE which I  also share onto the Facebook Page HERE

However, Facebook algorithms mean that only a very small proportion of followers get to see posts, unless they interact with them. So, the more you like or comment, the more you are likely to see my posts in your newsfeed.  And the more you comment, the more other people will see them too, which helps me spread the word.

You can also opt in to “Get notifications” (which means Facebook will tell you when I post) and “See First” (which allows you to chose which posts appear at the top of your newsfeed).

Desktop – “Like”, “Follow” and “Get Notifications”


Mobile – “Like” & “Follow”
Mobile – Then “Get Notifications” and “See First”

(This  applies to every Facebook Page that you “like and follow” be it a band, shop or blog so go ahead and like give a few previous posts some love ❤ )

3. Follow on Twitter
This is still pretty new for me but like Facebook, all my blogs automatically post to Twitter too.

4. WordPress
And of course, bloggers can continue to follow me here on WordPress.

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 All shares are welcome to help out those involved in keeping psychobilly music live and alive!

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One thought on “How to get the most from UK Psychobilly Gig Guide and Band Pages

  1. I shall look into it a bit more once I get all this updated. Maybe I can just post the names or links to their FB pages, not too sure, further investigation needed. But yes feels like a kick in the teeth when you’re only trying to do something to help people.

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