Guana Batz Upcoming Gigs & News


Fri 7 July 2017 – PSYCHOBILLY MEETING Pineda de Mar​
Sat July 8 2017 – SJOCK Festival
Sun July 9 2017 – The Hairy Dog Derby UK
Sat August 5 2017 – So Cal Hoedown, Yost Theater, Santa Ana, CA USA
Sat August 26 2017 – Dive Bar, Las Vegas, USA

I run the Facebook Page on the Band’s behalf – here are some Guana Batz FAQs


Pip – Vocals
Stuart – Guitar
Jonny – Drums
Choppy  – Bass

Pip  – Vocals
Jonny  – Bass
Gino – Guitar
Jared – Drums

  BOOKING ENQUIRIES – UK/EUROPE                                 BOOKING ENQUIRIES USA                                           BOOKING ENQUIRIES REST OF WORLD

RECORDING In March 2017 Guana Batz released a 7″ vinyl single and limited edition EP titled Burning Up available from I Sold My Soul Media and Bedlam Breakout Shop

UPCOMING GIG LIST  –  Be sure to either LIKE the Facebook page and tick “get notifications” and/or FOLLOW this blog to make sure you get updates.

MERCH Online Merch from I Sold My Soul Media Shop

CONTACTING THE BAND None of the band log in to the Guana Batz Facebook Page but most of them have their own personal pages.



3 thoughts on “Guana Batz Upcoming Gigs & News

  1. Thanx for the up date……. Can I ask a question please……… Whan the band play in the USA do they play under guanabatz or Hancox? And when will there be another Hancox album too please? Cheers Jos.

    Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone


    • Hi Jos, they play under the Guana Batz name in the US with the line up of Pip, Jonny, Gino and Jared performing Guana Batz songs, one or two Hancox songs and a couple of covers that they dont play in UK/Europe such as Rock n Roll (Led Zepellin) and Rebel Yell (Billy Idol).
      As for a new Hancox album, well nothing atm but if it ever happens we’ll be sure to post it out from here and both Facebook pages. Hope that helps? cheers Jo


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