UK Psychobilly Gig Guide 2016/17

I have been running the UK Psychobilly Gig Guide as a dated list on Proboards, supported by photo albums of flyers on Facebook for many years.

It is now my intention to post the list on here also so that people can sign up for email notifications every time it’s updated by choosing FOLLOW on the main page of this blog.

I try to include all UK Psychobilly gigs and festivals that I’ve heard of , as well as some from the related scenes that psychobillies might be interested in.  I also add the dates of private events and festivals outside the UK where large numbers of gig goers are likely to attend to avoid clashes.

There are lots of events that I don’t hear about though so please feel free to contact me via messenger on my Facebook and send either a jpg flyer or the written information in the format of DATE ~ BANDS at VENUE ADDRESS. Anyone can submit gig info not just promoters and bands. (I’m sorry but I do not respond to or have the time to copy all the information from Facebook Events). Feel free to add or message me on my Facebook Profile




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