Stomping At The Klub Foot Gig List

Thanks to the input of Russ Surfer and all the people who sent in gig flyers from the Klub Foot we were able to compile a dated list of all the gigs at the Klub Foot. We think we managed to get them all but if anything’s missing please let me know


5 Aug – GBH, The Insane, Soldiers of Destruction

12 Aug – UK Subs, Actifed, Chaos

26 Aug – The Addicts, Defects, Brutal Attack, Soldiers of Destruction

23 Sept – Chelsea, The Addicts, Satelites

8 Nov – UK Subs, The Vibrators, Soldiers of Destruction



Sat 22 September Guana Batz, The Stingrays, The Milkshakes, Restless

Sat Dec 8 The Meteors, Sunglasses after Dark, The Trifids, Badlands


Sat 6 Apr – Restless, The Sting-Rays, Frenzy, Demented are Go

Sat 20 Apr – Guana Batz, The Prisoners, X Men, The Creepshow

Sat 6 Jul – The Sting-Rays, The Prisoners, DAG, The Pharoahs

Sat 3 Aug – Guana Batz, Frenzy, Surfadelics, Turnpike Cruisers

Sat 10 Aug – The Meteors, The Outer Limits, Long Tall Texans, Temple Slang

Sat 24 Aug – Tall Boys, Frenzy, The Rapids, The Sting-Rites, The Pharoahs, Primevils, DAG

Sat 7 Sept – Boothill Foot Tappers, Bluberry Hell Bellies, The Rapids, The Outer Limits

Sat 12 Oct – Restless, Colbert Hamilton and the Hellrazors, The Pharoahs, The Outer Limits

Sat 26 Oct – Guana Batz, DAG, Rochee and the Sarnos

Sat 9 Nov – The Sting-Rays, DAG, The Rapiers, The Pharoahs

Sat 16 Nov – Frenzy, DAG, Rochee and the Sarnos, Louie Stars, Nearer the Far

Sat 7 Dec – Hank Wangford Band, Terry & Gerry, Redbeards from Texas

Sat 14 Dec – Restless, DAG, The Lone Stars

Sat 21 Dec – Guana Batz, Rochee and the Sarnos, The Outer Limits, The Skiff Skatts



Sat 18 Jan – Ray Campi and the Rockabilly Rebels,  DAG, The Deltas, Wigsville Spliffs

Fri 7 Mar – Guana Batz, DAG, The Golden Horde, The Pharoahs

Sat 29 Mar – The Meteros, DAG, X Men, The Coffin Nails

Sat 12 Mar – Restless, The Deltas, Wigsville Spliffs, The Caravans

Sat 10 May – Frenzy, DAG, BAtmobile, Torment

Sat 21 Jun – Guana Batz, Batmobile, Wigsville Spliffs, Coffin Nails

Sat 12 Jul – Ray Campi, DAG, The Caravans, Coffin Nails

Sat 19 Jul – The Meteors, Levi Dexter and the Daggers, Torment, The Krewmen

Sat 2 Aug – The Sting-Rays, The Deltas, Surfadelics, The Highliners

Sat 16 Aug – Frenzy, DAG, Wigsville Spliffs, Red Hot n Blue

Sat 23 Aug – Restless, The Rapiers, The Highliners , ?

Sat 30 Aug – Batmobile (live recording), Rochee and the Sarnos, Coffin Nails, The Caravans, Torment, Wigsville Spliffs

Sat 6 Sept – Guana Batz (Still Sweatin video recording) , Bluberry Hell Bellies, The Pharoahs, The Valients

Sat 20 Sept – Buddy Curtis and the Grasshoppers, The Rapiers, Howling Wilf and The Vee Jays

Sat 27 Sept – The Meteors, Rochee and the Sarnos, The Highliners, Get Smart

Sat 4 Oct – DAG, The Deltas, Torment, Coffin Nails, The Krewmen

Sat 11 Oct – Dr Feelgood, Howling Wilf and the Vee-Jays, Finger Tips

Sat 18 Oct – Frenzy, Rochee and the Sarnos, Wigsville Spliffs, Get Smart

Sat 15 Nov – Batmobile, Torment, The Caravans, Frantic Flintstones

Sat 6 Dec – Restless, Rochee and the Sarnos, Coffin Nails, Cat Burglars

Sat  Dec 13 The Meteors, Torment, Wigsville Spliffs, Skitzo

Sat 27 Dec – Guana Batz, The Highliners, The Turnpike Cruisers, Har Har Hermann



Sat 17 Jan – DAG, The Deltas, The Pharoahs, Skitzo

Sat 24 Jan – The Jets, Rochee and the Sarnos, Torment, The Coffin Nails, Fractured

Sat 14 Feb – Frenzy

Sat 7 Mar – Restless

Fri 13 Mar – Guana Batz, DAG, Coffin Nails (Live over London Recording)

Sat 14 Mar – Guana Batz, Restless, Skitzo (Live over London Recording)

Sat 28  Mar – The Highliners

Sat 4 Apr – The Meteors, Long Tall Texans, Frantic Flintstones, Emptifish

Sat 9 May – DAG, Torment, Long Tall Texans, Frantic Flintstones

Sat 23 May – Frenzy, Rochee and the Sarnos, Coffin Nails, Fractured

Sat 20 Jun – Restless

Sat 4 Jul – The Highliners, Torment, The Caravans, Sgt Bilkos Krazy Combo

Sat 11 Jul – The Meteors, Long Tall Texans

Sat 25 Jul – Batmobile, Torment, Coffin Nails, Fractured, The Nitros

Sat 5 Sept – The Meteors, Torment, Frantic Flintstones, ?

Fri 11 Sept – Guana Batz, Long Tall Texans, Fractured, Shark Bait

Sat 12 Sept – Guana Batz, Long Tall Texans, Fractured, Shark Bait

Sat 24 Oct – DAG, Bluberry Hell Bellies, Coffin Nails, Vulture Squadron

Date unreadable – The Highliners, Long Tall Texans, Get Smart, Sgt Bilkos Krazy Combo

Sat 19 Dec – The Meteors, Turnpike Cruisers, Vulture Squadron, Shakin Bones



Sat 2 Jan – Torment, Long Tall Texans, The Pharoahs, Coffin Nails

Sat 16 Jan – The Highliners, Long Tall Texans, Fractured, Get Smart, Sgt Bilkos Krazy Combo

Sat 13 Mar – DAG, Coffin Nails

Sat 4 Jun – DAG, Coffin Nails, Frantic Flintstones, The Quakes


There were 8 gigs in succession daily to mark the closing of The Klub Foot in the Summer of 1988, headlined by

The Cardiacs

Death Angel

The Meteors

Guana Batz (support by DAG, Torment)

The Highliners

Ghost Dance

The Lime Spiders

The Stupids


Downstairs at Clarendon

STINGRAYS / THE VIBES         10/02/84
GUANA BATZ / THE VIBES        24/02/84
TALL BOYS / CIRCLE OF SIN     02/03/84
RESTLESS / THE FRANTIX        03/03/84
GUANA BATZ / RESTLESS         30/03/84
STINGRAYS / RIB JOINTS        11/05/84
THE X-MEN / CAT TALK          25/05/84
RESTLESS / THE RAPIDS         19/08/84
GUANA BATZ / CREEPSHOW        22/09/84 ?
THE DELTAS / FIREBALL XL5     02/12/84
RESTLESS / THE RAPIDS         ? /12/84
GUANA BATZ / ?                31/12/84
THE RAPIDS / ROUGHCUTS        10/02/85
THE VIBES / CREEPSHOW         22/02/85
THE STINGRAYS / THE HUNS      08/03/85
THE X-MEN / THE MOONSTERS     15/03/85
THE VIBES / SURFIN LUNGS      26/04/85
THE X-MEN / FIXED UP          14/06/85
FRENZY / ?                    13/07/85
THE RAPIDS / FUNGUS           17/08/85


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