photo of the 4 band members of Hancox, 3 wearing black shirts and one in white all standing cross armed

Hancox was formed in 2010 as an offshoot of the American line-up of the veteran psychobilly band the Guana Batz.

Hancox was made up of Guana Batz members Pip Hancox (vocals) and Jonny Bowler (upright bass) with Gino Meregillano on guitar and Alex Pappas on drums. Alex was replaced by Jared Hren shortly before touring as he had commitments with another band. Alex however, did go on to record and mix the later album by Guana Batz – Back to the Jungle.

At this time, Pip and Jonny were settled in California and it was not practical to fly the UK members over to the USA for gigs, so Guana Batz were performing with two different line-ups depending on what country they played in.

In the UK, Pip Hancox played with original and longtime members Stuart Osborne (guitar) and Jonny Bowler (drums) along with Choppy on bass. Whilst in the USA, Pip and Jonny played with Gino and Alex/Jared. Both bands played classic Guana Batz tunes along with a few different cover songs.

In the USA they played with a slightly different style of psychobilly that was favoured by an American audience. The band Hancox was created to reflect this; a new band to perform and produce an album of music that was heavier than the classic Guana Batz songs that we were all used to.

The debut album VEGAS LIGHTS was released in December 2012 on I Sold My Soul Media Records and a European tour followed shortly afterwards in April 2013. This was to be the only album and tour for the band.

There are no imminent plans to tour or release a follow-up album currently but should anything change we’ll let you know.

Incidentally, a new Guana Batz album followed some years later which you can read about here.

You can view more photos and find out more about Hancox on the Hancox official website or on their Facebook page. Alternatively, head over to see all the current gig dates and band news from Guana Batz here on WordPress or on Facebook.

Tour poster with list of dates and a photo of 4 musicians leaning against a deserted warehous

An additional date was added to the UK leg of this tour. Hancox were supported by local band 56 Killers at Lennons in Southampton on 14 April 2013.

You can still buy copies of the Hancox CD Vegas Lights from selected online stores.

cd cover. Sepia photo of 4 shadows of men or a road heading towards Las Vegas with the text HANCOX Vegas Lights in top right corner

The Hancox Facebook page is monitored by Jo Jackson and Matt Lonesome.
Words by Jo Jackson. Flyers by Mental Hell. Promo photo by Pixel Eye DE.



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